How to apply

Complete the application form below. You will need to tell us a little about yourself and your career aims, how much you wish to apply for, and what you plan to spend the money on. You should receive a response straight away to indicate your application has been received, followed by a decision within 30 days.

If the fund has been able to offer support, you will need to submit receipts detailing the costs incurred, together with a report and photos of what you achieved, which will be published on this website. We’ll provide more details of this process when we let you know your application has been successful.

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“The Jaguar loped along quiet roads flanked by slender trees and small farms with few of the hideous modern buildings that now sully so many British landscapes. Four inches longer than a Granada, it is no more a sports car than I am an Olympic sprinter.”
Pilgrim's Road
by Phil Llewellin
CAR 1985