Phil Llewellin’s articles

A selection of Phil's articles which you can read online. For more look out for a book collecting together some of his best features called The Road to Muckle Flugga


The Finest Hour (1990)
Phil drives a Bentley Mulsanne 1500 miles around Britain to mark the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Britain

Borderlines: reading the news (1989)
Phil muses on recent motoring news headlines 

Borderlines: the car launch (1989)
Contrasting the launches of the Peugeot 405Mi16 and a revived Austin-Healey

Pilgrim's Road (1985)
Taking a Jaguar XJ-SC to the Somme battlefields


Honey, I shrunk the car (2001)
Phil meets a man with a collection of 150 microcars

The longest day (2001)
Phil and Mrs Llewellin aim to cover 1000 miles in 24 hours in a Fiat Seicento Sporting

Maverick with serious intent (2001)
Comparing the second-generation Ford Maverick and the Land Rover Freelander

The dying game (2000)
Visiting Britain's specialist hearse maker, Coleman Milne


Hill Start (1998)
Phil rediscovers the unique appeal of hillclimbing


Opening up a small package (1994)
Road testing the Peugot 106 Rallye

All our yesterdays on wheels (1993)
Phil reports on the opening of the Heritage Motor Centre


“I sucked the cool warehouse air into my lungs and gave silent thanks for a few minutes relief from the searing sun. The heat outside had been like a sledgehammer beating me into the tarmac”
Long Distance Diary
by Phil Llewellin
Truck, 1982