What is the Phil Llewellin Fund?

The Phil Llewellin Fund offers grants to young people to help them to embark on, or develop, a career in automotive media.

Who was Phil Llewellin?

Phil Llewellin was one of the world’s best motoring and travel writers and a member of the Midland Group of Motoring Writers. He was a freelance contributor to a wide range of newspapers and magazines until his death following a heart attack in 2005.

Who can apply?

Anyone resident in the UK who is aged 25 or under at the time of application.

What can the fund pay for?

All sorts of costs which might be incurred when starting out in an automotive media career. There’s a list of examples on our home page.

Where does the money come from?

The Midland Group of Motoring Writers manages the fund and supplies most of its financial resources. Supporters from the motor industry and motoring media kindly support the Phil Llewellin Fund with financial assistance, advice and contacts.

I don’t want money, I want advice. Can you help?

Yes. Complete the application form, explaining what advice you are looking for, and we’ll see what we can do.

Who runs the fund?

The Fund is administered by the Midland Group of Motoring Writers and is supported by Phil's family.

Is there a closing date?

No. The Fund is open all the time, and awards loans or grants subject to funds being available.


“What looks like Stalag Luft IV, but is actually a holiday camp, flanks the southern entrance to Southport's long, dune-backed beach, where the tide goes out so far you can walk almost to Ireland without getting your ankles damp.”
Speed Kings
by Phil Llewellin
CAR 1992